Apple & Blackberry Galette

The other day I really got in the mood to go blackberry picking.  I used to love doing this growing up and still do today!  I think it’s amazing how we have free fruit growing just on the side of the road.. and most people don’t even bother picking them!  I wanted to make something really comforting and autumnal similar to a tart or a … Continue reading Apple & Blackberry Galette

Swedish Kladdkaka

Lately I’ve developed a huuuuuge obsession over Sweden..!  I’ve always loved Scandinavian interior design and always loved their amazing bakes!  I’ve even considered moving there.. but maybe thats a little too far!! I wanted to make something Swedish as I now have Fika most days haha!  (Fika is huge in Sweden and basically means coffee break where they usually have coffee and a cake!)   … Continue reading Swedish Kladdkaka