Little Welsh Kitchen


Welcome to my website/food blog!

I started blogging in May 2016 as an experiment to see what it was like to have my own blog, so far I love it!  My blog was called The Little Girl From Wales.  I always loved writing my thoughts down and always loved the thought of having my own blog… so I took the plunge and started my own blog!

In July 2018 I decided to change the blog completely to a food related blog.  I got bored of writing about random stuff and was only really interested in food!  So here it is, my new blog Little Welsh Kitchen!!

After a few years of battling depression and going through a very tough time,  I decided to sort myself out and change my life.  I decided to follow my dream of starting my own cake/baking business.  2020 was the year i decided to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I used my blog name ‘Little Welsh Kitchen’, made business cards, Instagram page and a Facebook page advertising my cakes.

As my business grew and got busier, I had less time to work on my blog.  I had to make the decision whether to keep it or delete it.  A large part of me couldn’t delete it.. it had been my baby for so many  years! So.. I decided to make the site my business website with a small blog page on the website.  This way.. I could still have my blog whilst working hard on building my business!

On the blog side of the website, I will still be uploading my own recipes, but probably not as much as I used to.  The website will show my products and photos.  Hopefully when I start selling my produce at local markets, I will write about it on the blog.  Thank you for the support over the last few years and I hope you can support me in the future whether you’ve been following me for a long time or just new today!  If you live or are visiting North Wales… why not order some cakes?!